Between Tradition and Modernity: Sexuality and Spirituality in Islamic Thought and Practice


  • Wali Shah Barkatov Research Fellow at the Samarkant School of Islamic Literature, Samarkant
  • Tariq Saeed Yousafzai Research Scholar at Department of International Relations, Coventry University Coventry (UK)


Islam, Sexual Frameworks, Spirituality, Islamic Tradition, academic Modernity, Quranic Approach


“Between Tradition and Modernity: Sexuality and Spirituality in Islamic Thought and Practice” presents a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between sexuality and spirituality within the context of Islamic teachings and contemporary discourse. Building upon previous scholarship by scholars such as Ahmedov (2019), Khan (2020) and Malik (2021), this study aims to bridge the gap between traditional Islamic perspectives and modern understandings of sexuality, addressing the significance of this topic in the context of evolving cultural norms and religious interpretations. The research questions guiding this study include: What are the foundational principles of Islamic teachings regarding sexuality and spirituality? How do traditional interpretations of the Qur’an and Hadith inform Islamic attitudes towards sexual ethics and intimate relationships? What are the implications of modernity and cultural change on Islamic approaches to sexuality and spirituality? Methodologically, this paper employs a Qur’anic approach, conducting a textual analysis of key Islamic scriptures and authoritative Islamic texts to elucidate the ethical considerations and spiritual dimensions of sexuality within Islam. By exploring the intersections of tradition and modernity in Islamic thought and practice, this study seeks to provoke further inquiry and reflection on the dynamic nature of religious teachings in addressing contemporary challenges and debates surrounding human sexuality, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in navigating the intersection of sexuality and spirituality within the Islamic tradition.


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