Preamble of Rehmat and Maryam Researches


The Rehmat and Maryam Researches (RMR) is an academic registered research-orientated company and think tank functioning in Lodhran, Rawalpindi and Islamabad (Pakistan), established under the constitution designed on July 01, 2022. Furthermore, it has been registered by the SECP on July 18, 2022 with endorsing benevolent mandate as to:

  • Promote research into (and the publication of the useful results thereof) and the education of the public in various academic disciplines, such as anthropology, economics, cultural studies, constitutional studies, demographic studies, gender studies, ethnography, international relations, metaphysics, political economy, political science, regional studies, sociology, spiritual studies and theological studies. Moreover, our debating forums assist scholars in understanding the functioning of the market and future avenues in investment and trade within the context of academic research.
  • Promote inter-faith harmony, multiculturalism and the 3Ps (Peace, Progress and Prosperity).
  • Advance environmental protection or improvement and sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • Advance the arts, culture and heritage.
  • Assist the policymakers in the fields of political, legislative and/or constitutional engineering regarding establishing a welfare state.
  • Publish academic research journals, books and magazines.