I am not registered with IMSTS. May I submit my paper without registration and online submission?

Yes, you may submit your paper. Firstly, you must read  Author Guidelines, Peer Review Procedure, Open Access Policy. Copy Right Statement, Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement, Authors Blacklisting Policy, Plagiarism Policy, Procedure for Appeal, and other Information about Readers, Authors and Librarians.

Then you may submit your paper via mail at rehmatandmaryam@gmail.com

What is the cost of publication at IMSTS?

Kindly look at "Contribution Cost" for IMSTS. We never assume any financial incentive from you, but we have to pay those who provide their services to us.

What is the meaning of honorary designation?

It means, you have been recruited not for performing any task, but due to acknowledge your academic contributions and intellectualism. Whatever your honorary designation is, but you are not authorized to use this journal or any other initiative under the flag of Rehmat and Maryam Researches (RMR) for personal benefits, malpractices, and/or promoting personal interests.

I have been hired as an Associate Editor in this journal, will I be paid monthly?

No. No one post in this journal is subjected to pay but only with the mutual consent of the Director (Rehmat and Maryam Researches & RMR Publishers) and In-Charge HR (Rehmat and Maryam Researches & RMR Publishers). You have joined us voluntarily (like all others) and we appreciate your contribution.

What is your ISSN number?

IMSTS has ISSN-Print: 2958-5082 and ISSN-Online: 2958-5090