Contribution Cost

Contribution Cost

IMSTS publishes all articles in accordance with the open-access policy. In order to provide free online access to readers worldwide and to cover publishing costs, the journal does not receive any financial incentive from the author(s) but only collects;

  • “Peer Review Process Fee” (first time, and for each time if/when a revised version of the paper would be submitted for the next double-blind peer review),
  • One-time “Editing cost” and “Paper Setting” which allows the editor(s) and designer(s) to ensure the theme, style and/or look of your paper as per the defined publication ethics or other requirements, and,
  • One-time “Article Processing charges” (APC) that covers online publication cost.

There are no other charges except the justified ones, determined according to the forex rate fluctuation between the Pakistani rupee and the US dollar. Moreover, the journal’s policy only allows the first/corresponding author to pay the respective fee/cost/charges.

Remember: Charges once submitted would never be refunded even if the paper has been canceled and author(s) has been blacklisted by the editorial board in case of proving any malpractice or violations of publication ethics.

Note: Regular Payment Schedule (RPS) and Urgent Payment Schedule (UPS) are described in the schedules;

Routine Payment Schedule

For authors seeking a routine publication process, the following payment schedule applies:

  • 1st Review Cost: US$ 15
  • 2nd Review Cost: US$ 15
  • Proofreading Cost: US$ 10
  • Publications Ethics Review Cost: US$ 05
  • Paper Setting and Designing Cost: US$ 05
  • Online Publication Cost: US$ 15
  • Total cost: US$ 65

The routine processing time for your paper, in compliance with the journal's requirements, will typically result in publication within five to six months. As of November 6, 2023, the approximate cost in PKR is approximately 18,551/-. We encourage authors who can accommodate this timeline to choose this cost-effective option.

Urgent Payment Schedule

Authors who require expedited publication can opt for our urgent payment schedule, which offers the following pricing:

  • 1st Review Cost: US$ 20
  • 2nd Review Cost: US$ 20
  • Proofreading Cost: US$ 15
  • Publications Ethics Review Cost: US$ 15
  • Paper Setting and Designing Cost: US$ 15
  • Online Publication Cost: US$ 20
  • Total cost: US$ 105

With the urgent processing option, your paper will be prioritized, and, upon meeting the journal's requirements, it will be published in the forthcoming edition. As of November 6, 2023, the approximate cost in PKR for this expedited service is approximately 29,967/-. Authors with time-sensitive publication needs may find this option more suitable to meet their requirements.

Note: As economic uncertainty sometimes causes fluctuations in exchange rates and inflation, so before any transaction, confirm the updated rates on the addressed date via email at Otherwise, IMSTS Team or Rehmat and Maryam Researches will not be responsible.

For any kind of financial support or transaction, our official bank account is;

  • Bank: Askari Bank Limited
  • Title of Account: Maryam Habib
  • Account No: PK80 ASCM 0002 0601 0000 6192
  • Branch: Saidpur Road Branch, Shabbir Plaza, Rawalpindi

You may also use Easypaisa Account for any transaction. Your funds may be sent at:

  • Mobile Account: +92 340 4263023
  • Title of Account: Mariyem Habib

After each transaction, kindly send its official copy as proof to for any further proceeding.

Frequency of the Journal

Initially, IMSTS was published bimonthly from (September 01, 2022 to March 01, 2023) and monthly (from April 01, 2023 to October 01, 2023). However, as per the decision of the editorial and advisory boards, IMSTS is now going to be published quarterly from November 01, 2023.

Source of Funding

No one journal under Rehmat and Maryam Researches receives any kind of funding from anywhere across the globe. However, reviewers, editors, designers and publishers can be facilitated indirectly by the contribution cost paid by the research scholars or others. Remember, Rehmat and Maryam Researches never pay anyone official but appreciate his or her volunteer activities for us.

Submission Process

As IMSTS offers two ways for paper submissions;