Manual Submission Procedure

You may submit your manuscript manually in three easy steps.


You should read Author Guidelines, Peer Review Procedure, Open Access Policy. Copy Right Statement, Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement, Authors Blacklisting Policy, Plagiarism Policy, Procedure for Appeal, and other Information about Readers, Authors and Librarians.


For manuscripts written in the English language:

  • Ensure that your manuscript must be written in MS-Word.
  • References must be inserted via the automatic insert citation method offered by the MS-Office.

For manuscript and/or Quotations written in Urdu and/or Persian language:

  • Only Jameel Noori Nastaliq or Jameel Khushkhat font styles must be used.
  • No Urdu or Persian-based paper would be processed if its abstract will not be written in both Urdu/Persian and English languages.


Send your manuscript to while, mail must also be CC to

Mail should be addressed to Editor-in-Chief IMSTS where the corresponding author must declare that “I did not send this work to any other journal or organization but only to IMSTS by following publication ethics and all the other policies defined by the journal administration”.

Lastly, but very important for the Review Process of your submission

If you feel that your work is academically exclusive and unique in research, and/or you feel that the complex nature of your work can stage academic confusion for reviewers, you may suggest three reviewers of your own choice for your work. For this purpose, you should suggest three reviewers along with their qualification, designation (with city & country), email and WhatsApp number.

Note: You can also submit book reviews, content analysis, conversation analysis, conference or seminar proceedings and/or travelogue. However, the nature of your work must be academic and citations must be in APA style, incorporated via the automatic insert citation mechanism of MS-Word. Likewise, similar to the academic research paper, your such work must also contain an Abstract, Keywords, Introduction of your work, history of your work (if any), gaps in previously published literature (if any), your findings, your recommendations, and/or conclusion.