You may contact us for our exclusive and unique sessions regarding Academic Services for the students of Political Science, History, Pakistan Studies, International relations and similar disciplines within the socials sciences; and numerological services for the depressed and hopeless segments of the society under the flag of Center for Numerological and Psycho-Future Sciences.

Evening and Weekend Sessions

We conduct our sessions daily in evening during working days while, also offer weekend sessions at your desired place or door-step within the territorial but accessible domains of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. And, we believe that our only one session of one to two hours would make you enable to write quality thesis/research or give you absolute knowhow and expertise in numerology (also called hurufism, ilm-ul-adad and ilm-e-hindsa).

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We believe in one-on-one sessions regarding providing workshops, classes, trainings, and services. For this purpose, we always welcome most importantly, a like-minded social community within the context of having keen nature in learning something new academically and/or spiritually.

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Exclusiveness and Uniqueness

Explore different techniques (either in academic research or in numerology, psycho-future sciences, hurufism, ilm-ul-adad and ilm-e-hindsa) that you can never learn from any other place or person. Hence, you will be able to contribute in the betterment of not only your own life but for the society as a whole.

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Online Services

Center for Numerological and Psycho-Future Sciences also provides online services through email, phone call and/or WhatsApp. You may know about the problems, worries, depressions, issues, and anxieties along with their solutions within the context of numerology (also called psycho-future sciences, hurufism, ilm-ul-adad and ilm-e-hindsa).

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So, Book Your Session

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