Spiritualism in Routine Life: Reviewing “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra


  • Ajay Rathore Patialvi Senior Instructor at Patiala Shri Ramayan School and College, Patiala (India)


Spiritualism, Routine Life, Deepak Chopra, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Integration, Holistic Living


Within the context of relationship between success and spirituality, this research paper asseses the integration of spiritualism into the fabric of daily life through a comprehensive review of Deepak Chopra’s seminal work, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. The study explores the profound insights and principles presented by Chopra, analyzing their applicability and efficacy in navigating the complexities of routine existence. Through a meticulous examination of each spiritual law, the research aims to elucidate the transformative potential these principles hold for individuals seeking a harmonious balance between spiritual growth and the demands of daily life. Additionally, the paper investigates the broader implications of incorporating spiritual wisdom into routine practices, considering its impact on personal well-being, resilience and the cultivation of a holistic and purposeful life. By critically assessing the practical relevance of Chopra’s spiritual laws, this research contributes to the ongoing discourse on spiritual integration in contemporary lifestyles, offering insights that may inform both personal development and the broader fields of psychology, philosophy and self-help.


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