Exploring Interfaith Marriages in Iran: A Comprehensive Analysis of Ayatollah Borujerdi’s “Da’irat al-Ma’arif-i Islami”


  • Reza Bahadori Lecturer at the Tabriz Islamic Arts University, Tabriz (Iran)


Din al-Fitra, Social Stigma, Ayatollah Mohsen Kadivar, Mandaeism, Ismaili Islam


The contentious subject of interfaith matrimonial unions has sparked considerable debate within Iran, notably drawing conservative sentiments from Ayatollah Borujerdi. The Ayatollah’s conservative position, as expounded in his treatise “Da’irat al-Ma’arif-i Islami” (The Encyclopaedia of Islamic Knowledge), has elicited a strong response from the nation’s youthful populace. This demographic, disenchanted with the Ayatollah’s doctrinal stance, contends that interfaith marriages should be sanctioned, asserting that such unions foster comprehension and tolerance amidst diverse religious affiliations. Their argument posits that the spectrum of love ought not to be circumscribed by religious distinctions, advocating instead for individual autonomy in choosing marital partners.

Contrary to Ayatollah Borujerdi’s conservative doctrinal underpinnings, this scholarly inquiry delves into the progressive impetus propelling Iranian youth towards advocating for a more inclusive societal paradigm that celebrates diversity and champions unity. This study systematically scrutinizes the prevailing discourse on interfaith matrimony in Iran, accentuating the catalytic role assumed by the nation’s youth in steering the trajectory towards a more progressive and harmonious milieu. This research underscores the ongoing dialectic surrounding interfaith unions in the Iranian sociocultural milieu and appraises the transformative influence wielded by the younger generation in shaping the nation’s trajectory towards a future characterized by pluralism and unity.


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