About the Journal

Insights of Mystical, Spiritual and Theological Studies (IMSTS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed open-accessed journal (ISSN-Print: 2958-5082 and ISSN-Online: 2958-5090) that has to publish quarterly (since November 01, 2023) because of addressing a vast variety of research in the defined theoretical framework. Its purpose is to advance the discussions related to various theories and practices within mystic, spiritual and theological beliefs through scholarly publications.

The journal features articles that develop an in-depth understanding of the need, nature, and practical components of mystical faiths, spiritual teachings and theological principles that have the potential to ensure not only inter-faith harmony and multiculturalism but 3ps (peace, progress and prosperity) in any state and society. In addition to full-length articles, the journal also publishes books reviews that offer a scholarly reflection on issues in the fields of religious harmony, spiritual formation, soul care, and enlightenment with holiness. The major intent of the editors is to place the distinctive contributions of the journal include, but are not confined to:

  • The social scientific study of mystic, spiritual and theological beliefs,
  • Empirical perspectives on mysticism, spiritualism and religions
  • The histories of mysteries, spiritualism(s) and religions
  • The theories and practices related to inter-faith harmony and dialogue among faiths, beliefs, religions and sects.
  • The philosophy of religious and moral education
  • Mystical, spiritual and/or theological reflections on culture, economics, education, lifestyle, politics and society
  • Childhood and Religion
  • Literature and Religion
  • Myths and religion
  • Media and religion
  • Civilization(s) and religion
  • Relationship between religion and the state
  • Role of religion in international relations
  • Religious educational policy
  • Religious ethnicities
  • Religious anthropology
  • Migrant faiths and religions
  • Peace, progress and prosperity within the religiously divided state and society
  • Religious reformist movements
  • Distinct concepts of meditation
  • Mysterious, mythical and/or religious beliefs on numerology in ancient, medieval and modern societies
  • Academic Debates between miracles, wonders, magics, luck, palmistry, etc.

Further Sections:

  • World Religions: Eastern and Western traditions
  • Theories in the Study of Mysticisms, Faiths, Spiritual phenomena and Religions
  • Comparative Study of Mysticisms, faiths, Spiritualisms and Religions

Open Access Policy

IMSTS journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): May
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